Why choose Torr Snowboarding?

We speak your language

We speak native English and native French, with a Scottish and French snowboard coach. Plus, we can also communicate in some Spanish and Dutch for kids and young teenagers in lessons to understand.

number 1 on tripadvisor

Our service and quality in teaching snowboarding is exceptional and backed by 5 star reviews on google, plus been number 1 on tripadvisor for years.

Free stickers!!!

As 100% snowboarders ourselves, we know how cool stickers are! You get one free on every session, plus, there are also TORR t-shirts to buy.

our big rad transformational values

We coach a pro snowboard team, competing at National and European level snowboard events. Our team values and goals come from the acronym, the BIG RAD. Every snowboard lesson, snowboard course or camp we do, will revolve around the values below:

B   Belief
I   Independence
G   Growth
R   Respect
A   Achievement
D   Determination

good to know

Be careful, as in France, ski teachers have the right to teach snowboarding, even when they have only done a 1 week course - sometimes less! Yet still ask for a lot of money, for a lot less quality, offering at times dangerous advice and exercises on slopes. 


In France there are only 40 -50 special individuals that hold a 100% snowboard diploma. Rest assured, TORR Snowboarding are one of these special schools, where all of our coaches, are with a 100% snowboard diploma. 


Moral of the story, go to a snowboard school for snowboard lessons and go to a ski school for ski lessons.

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