Advanced carve camp

On our advanced carve camp learn how to truly use the mountain to your advantage, focusing on 100% grip in every situation, even Euro-carving on flat terrain!

Carving is the secret shred art of using the sharp metal edge of the snowboard to masterly paint a clean, fluid and dynamic line, keeping constant speed with no braking or skidding on the snow.

Everyone can join the shred and fun in ripping the piste apart as it's for all snowboard abilities*, with unlimited levels of mastery and development.

advanced carve camp Season dates 2020


 16th - 19th

 23rd - 26th


 6th - 9th

 13th - 16th

 20th - 23rd

 27th - 30th


 3rd - 6th


 2nd - 5th

 16th - 19th

 23rd - 26th


 30th - 2nd April

 6th - 10th

 20th - 24th

Group Size

 3 - 5 riders

Coached Days

 4 days x 2.5 hrs = 10 hours



Camp Goals for the Week

  1. Steps to razor sharp carving
  2. Adjusting short to long carves
  3. How to carve dynamically
  4. Carving on steep terrain
  5. Meet new shred buddies
  6. How to Euro-carve

Ability Level

* This camp is only available to riders who can link turns confidently on all piste colours.

Advanced Off-Piste Camp

Advanced SBX Camp

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