technical snowboard course

Get in-depth understanding and geek out with turning on our technical snowboard courses. No more scraping the snow, instead learn how to generate grip all over the mountain.

Develop performance precision all the way along your edge. Training how to hold it, work it, and shape each turn how you want, gaining more control and confidence.

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"Great week spent with TORR Snowboarding. In depth technical coaching plus lots of laughs thrown in. I would definitely recommend TORR Snowboarding to anyone who wants to develop their riding." 

Tripadivisor review - Dom

Technical course information

Who's it for?

  • Single travellers.
  • Friends traveling together.
  • Family traveling together.
  • Intermediate and advanced riders.

Snowboard coaching

  • Every afternoon.
  • Monday to Friday.
  • 5 days x 3 hours per day.

Your advantages

  1. Pin point bad habits holding you back.
  2. Develop key areas in your riding.
  3. Improve snowboard control and skills.
  4. Improve confidence and style.
  5. Meet fellow riders who love snowboarding.
  6. 100% fully certified snowboard coach.

Group size

  • 3 - 5 riders.


  • €420 = €84 per session!

Carve a clean, fluid, and dynamic line!

start dates

Feb. 23 Available places
20th 0
27th 1
Mar. 23 Available places
6th 3
13th 0
20th 3
27th 4
Apr. 23 Available places
3rd 4
10th 2
17th 2

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