technical snowboard course

Join others on this technical snowboard course as we develop the art of the turn... Carving it up, using the snowboard edges to masterly paint one clean, fluid, dynamic line. Even taking it to Euro carves as the course progresses your skill, confidence and style.

Your performance will improve drastically, as you focus to have 100% grip in any situation the mountain can offer. 

"Great week spent with TORR Snowboarding. In depth technical coaching plus lots of laughs thrown in. I would definitely recommend TORR Snowboarding to anyone who wants to develop their riding." 

Trip Adivisor review from Dom

Technical Snowboard course 2022

New for season 2022 is to join for just 2 days of your vacation, leaving you more time to hang with your friends.


  • 3 hours per session.

 Group size

  • Maximum 6 people (minimum 3 people)

 Snowboard level

  • Ability to ride blue / red piste and get around the mountain safely. Other aspects you may have are advantageous and we can develop.
 January 2 days 4 days
24th €270 €395
31st €270 €395
 February 2 days 4 days
7th €270 €395
 March 2 days 4 days
7th €270 €395
14th €270 €395
21st €270 €395
28th €270 €395
 April 2 days 4 days
11th €270  €395

Benefits of 4 days

Develop better control.

Ride switch stronger.
Steps to advanced carving.
Ride steeps dynamically.
Ride variable terrain stronger.
Start to Euro-carve.
Boost snowboard confidence.
Meet fellow riders.

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