group snowboard lessons

Have fun in learning and share good times as everyone progresses as a team on our snowboard group lessons.


We have you covered, with a choice of beginner and intermediate groups, then from there, you can choose to progress to our advanced courses.

beginner snowboard group lessons

Feel safe in our beginner snowboard group as they are designed for people completely new to snowboarding, or who have a little experience already.


We get in depth and cover everything, from equipment to technique and tactics, to get you up riding more confidently, ensuring you enjoy your holiday much more.

intermediate snowboard group lessons

On the intermediate group we develop better snowboard control for all over the mountain. First we learn more effective turn techniques on red piste, and then get more comfortable on how to handle green paths.


We also start to introduce other exciting elements to bring out more style in your riding, for example, introduction on how to ride powder, and introduction on how to do some freestyle basics.


The entry level to the intermediate snowboard group is consistent toe and heel edge turns, on blue terrain.

snowboard group lesson prices

Session type          Price        

Beginner group




Intermediate group




Get involved for €60 per session for 5 days!


Who's it for?

  • Family (9 years +), friends, and single travellers.

Duration of group lessons?

  • 5 days x 2 hours of learning each day.

Group size is how big?

  • Maximum of 6 people per group

Group size is how small?

  • Minimum of 3 people per group.

Less than a group (3 people) are adjusted as:

2 people = 4 days x 2 hrs

1 person = 2 days x 2 hrs

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Beginner or intermediate levels

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