freestyle snowboard Course

Get new tricks on lock with our freestyle snowboard course.

Discover the secrets to the tricks through progressive steps and live coaching, pin pointing exactly where you need to change to improve that style.

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"Trick session with tripods and hand drags. It took some time to get it, but incredibly, we all managed both tricks in the end! Martin still had a surprise for us, on the last run he quickly taught us one footed 180's!!! Just like to say, TORR Snowboarding can teach old dogs new tricks and will take your riding way forward." 

 Tripadivisor review - Heeadnip

Freestyle Course information

Who's it for?

  • Single travellers.
  • Friends traveling together.
  • Family traveling together.
  • Intermediate and advanced riders.

Snowboard coaching

  • Every afternoon.
  • Monday to Friday.
  • 5 days x 3 hours per session.

Your advantages

  1. Increase your repertoire of tricks.
  2. Pin point key areas in your tricks to improve.
  3. Learn more fluid snowboard tricks.
  4. Improve your confidence and style.
  5. Meet fellow riders who love snowboarding too.
  6. 100% safe with a fully certified freestyle snowboard coach.

Group size

  • 3 - 5 riders.


  • €420 = €84 per session!

Master any trick with our top level freestyle coaches!

start dates

Feb. 23 Available places
20th 0
27th 1
Mar. 23 Available places
6th 3
13th 0
20th 3
27th 4
Apr. 23 Available places
3rd 4
10th 2
17th 2

private freestyle coaching

Chatel Smooth Park, rated in the top 10 snowboard parks in France
Chatel Smooth Park, rated in the top 10 snowboard parks in France

If you want the professional eye with live video feedback completely personalised to your goals in freestyle, then take a private coaching session.

Freestyle coaching          Price        

2 hours


1/2 day


Full day


Add a friend to your session for only €20 more per person.

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