freestyle snowboard Course

Join others in our freestyle snowboard course to learn to pop smooth with real height, possibly even bonking the piste pole, floating the spin, then landing light and riding off into the sunset!

Our snowboard coaches will get develop your existing style and level, to get you confident, and technically ready to jib, spin and lay down new tricks that you never thought possible. 

"Trick session with tripods and hand drags the order of the day. Have to say it was a mega tough sesh at times, feeling that it wasn't going to happen, but low and behold at the end of the session, we all managed both tricks. TORR still had a surprise for us, on the last run he quickly taught us one footed 180's!!! Just like to say, TORR Snowboarding can teach old dogs new tricks and will take your riding way forward." 

 Trip Adivisor review from Heeadnip

Freestyle snowboard Course 2021 - 22

New for season 2021-2022, join us for 2 days of your vacation, leaving you more time to hang with your friends.



  • 3 hours per session

 Group size

  • Maximum 6 people (minimum 3 people)

 Snowboard level

  • Ability to ride red piste and get around the mountain safely. Some level of park riding is equally advantageous, as we will develop your riding from where you are.
 January 2 days 4 days
24th €270 €395
31st €270 €395
 February 2 days 4 days
7th €270 €395
 March 2 days 4 days
7th €270 €395
14th €270 €395
21st €270 €395
28th €270 €395
 April 2 days 4 days
11th €270  €395

Benefits of 4 days

Develop better control.

Pop higher and cleaner.
Add grabs to your jumps.
Boost your buttering.
Spin stronger.
Hit boxes and rails safely.
Boost snowboard confidence.
Meet fellow riders.

private freestyle coaching Session

Chatel Smooth Park, rated in the top 10 snowboard parks in France
Chatel Smooth Park, rated in the top 10 snowboard parks in France

If you want the professional eye with live video feedback completely personalised to your goals in freestyle, then take a private coaching session.

Freestyle coaching          Price        


2 hours






3 hours


Add a friend to your session for only €20 more per person.

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