Snowboard cross Camps & SBX coaching

Boarder cross is high intensity performance racing at it's very best. Race at serious speeds, shoulder to shoulder with your fellow competitors, jumping huge obstacles and riding banked berms to see who can pass the finish line first.

Murray Koller at European Cup start in Grasgehren, Germany
Murray Koller at European Cup start in Grasgehren, Germany

Boardercross isn't for the faint-hearted. Every nerve in your body must be primed, pumped and ready for the action when you hear the call.

Riders ready... Attention...

Join our SBX training Camps to develop your performance with in-depth technical racing skills, getting you ready to get on track and attack.

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"Martin's experience and depth of knowledge in boardercross is excellent. Having done it himself, he works hard to put you in the best place possible; technically and mentally. Also, the good vibes he brings, both on and off snow, is vital in this sport!"

 Tripadvisor review - Kyle Wise

European Cup start at Grasgehren, Germany
European Cup start at Grasgehren, Germany
Head Coach Martin 2nd at the Brits, Laax, 2016
Head Coach Martin 2nd at the Brits, Laax, 2016

snowboard cross Camp information

Who's it for?

  • Advanced snowboarders
  • Trainee athletes
  • Athletes

Snowboard coaching

  • Every afternoon.
  • Monday to Friday.
  • 5 days x 3 hours per session.
  • Weekends at competition.


  1. 100% safe with a fully certified SBX snowboard coach.
  2. Pin point key areas in your racing to improve.
  3. Improve racing performance and confidence.
  4. Deepen tactical performance.
  5. Deepen mental performance.
  6. Meet fellow athletes and riders who love snowboarding too.

Group size

  •  3 - 5 riders.


  • €420 - 3 days
  • €700 - 1 week
  • €1,400 - 2 weeks
  • €2,700 - 1 month
  • €5,300 - 2 months
  • €7,800 - 3 months

Truly master yourself and the board!

start dates

Feb. 23 Available places
20th 0
27th 1
Mar. 23 Available places
6th 3
13th 0
20th 3
27th 4
Apr. 23 Available places
3rd 4
10th 2
17th 2

In the French Alps, TORR Snowboarding is the only course provider for snowboard cross with in-depth knowledge and experience of high level racing and coaching.

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