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off-piste Snowboard camps

Aimed at intermediate and advanced snowboarders looking to find new terrain, push themselves and develop in the powder.


Experience a whole new level of shred with a chance to get the real concepts of dynamic riding in powder with spins, butters, and even switch... All locked down in a week with our expert snowboard coaching.

"One of very few real snowboarding coaches for all levels and all aspects of snowboarding. TORR has spent many seasons in chatel so knows the area extremely well. I took 2 freestyle lessons and walked away with my hands full of new tricks to practise."

Tripadvisor review from Mattey

No matter what level you are at in off-piste ability*, we can make a shred demon out of you!

off-piste camp content



  • Learn how to move around safely and keeping speed for features, timing ollie's, getting grab's in, and styling them out with shifties whilst stomping them everything clean.
  • Learn the dark art of pressuring the snowboard with skillful balance, to pop, press and butters like a true master.
  • Develop the dynamic energy of spinning and timing on small features, before advancing to larger ones.
  • Session the boxes and rails safely and simply. Using your new found skills to start expressing yourself on them.
  • It's that time where you can now use all your new mastery to tackle the half-pipe under our expert vision, cleanly carving and getting up those walls!

off-piste snowboard camp 1

March 2017, Monday 6th - Friday 10th

Option 1 - Half-day camp (5 days x 3hrs) = €325

Option 2 - Full day camp (5 days x 6hrs) = €625

off-piste snowboard camp 2

April 2017, Monday 3rd - Friday 7th

Option 1 - Half-day camp (5 days x 3hrs) = €325

Option 2 - Full day camp (5 days x 6hrs) = €625

Camp content may change according to weather and conditions. Each day there will be video analysis and feedback. Minimum 4, maximum 6 per group.

*minimum requirement - Good fitness levels and the ability to ride all piste levels from green to red.

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